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New York - Brooklyn Bridge

New York Travel Overview

New York City, the stunning city on the Hudson river on the east coast of the United States, is a living legend and one of the most popular destinations in the world that has been depicted in countless movies and sung about in countless songs. The “Big Apple”, as New York inhabitants affectionately call their city, consists of five districts that could not be more different: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn (Kings), Queens and Staten Island. Each of the five boroughs of New York is absolutely unique and worth a separate trip.

Founded in the 17th century by Dutch merchants as Nieuw Amsterdam, the city later fell to the English Duke of York and was renamed in his honor. In the 19th century New York grew rapidly and became a commercial center of paramount importance. During the 20th century it has held its reputation as the most powerful economic center of the Western bloc, if not the entire world. Today, New York is still one of the most beloved cities in the world, and offers its visitors an extraordinary journey with the special vibe and plenty things to see and do. So many people go to New York for its famous steel skyscrapers, hit Broadway shows and of course haute couture shopping.

Traveling to New York on a Budget

In order to help you to budget for your vacation, we are also providing below Average Daily Expenses (per person) for New York City. These are further categorized into Budget, Mid range and Luxury depending on your travel style. For those on a budget traveling to New York City, we recommend aiming to spend 95 dollars per day to manage expenses efficiently. For mid-range and luxury travelers visiting New York City we recommend budgeting anywhere from 190-530 dollars per day on your trip.

The major components of these costs are hotels(approx) 50% and Food & Soft Beverages (approx) 25%. The remaining includes local transport, entertainment, communication, tips, etc. A decent hotel double room would cost approx USD 160, lunch and dinner for two approx USD 100, and a day of local travel and sights approx USD 30.

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New York Travel Guide
Guide to best New York Attractions alongwith their timings, entry prices and complete details. Also book some unique cruises, day trips or helicopter tours to make your vacation truly unique and memorable.
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