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Double-Decker buses, the Royal family, and high-tea. Big Ben, the Tube, bangers and mash. As a tourist, you can easily experience quintessential London through these site and tastes, but you’d be mistaken to stop there. With a metropolis population of over 13 million, London is the largest capital city in the European Union. The sheer size means that there is something for everyone in this hub. Whether you’re a history buff, art geek, foodie, fashionista, or anything in-between, London will keep you entertained and enthralled. Not only will you find an abundance of activities to keep you busy from dusk until dawn, but the cultural diversity of London is simply unmatched, adding to the excitement and ease of being a visitor in the city. You could do endless research to plan out the perfect stay in London. If you’re just staying a few days, though, follow our simple picks below to map your time in “the big smoke”.

If you are here for only a day or two, we recommend a hop on hop off bus or boat ride so you get an idea of the architecture and layout of the city. Follow this up with a walk down the streets of Central London which is quite a compact area as compared to the hugely spread out city. Here you will find opportunities to truly get a flavor of this wonderful city in a very short time. Be it the overcrowded hubs of tourist activity Soho and Covent Garden with their variety of shops, theaters and restaurants or Westminster and St James area which are perfect avenues to view some of the great architectural buildings and monuments including Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square and St. James Park.

The newest attraction of the city is The Shard, tallest building in Western Europe offering breath taking views of the city from the top. Nearby from here is the Tower of London and London Bridge which connects you to the financial hub of this city which is often referred to as the financial capital of the world.
All in all the city has the ability to keep you fascinated and entertained whether for couple of days or even for a couple of weeks or months. Welcome to this city of Dreams.

Traveling to London on a Budget

In order to help you to budget for your holiday, we are also providing below Average Daily Expenses (per person) for London. These are further categorized into Budget, Mid range and Luxury depending on your travel style. For those on a budget traveling to London, we recommend aiming to spend 65 British Pounds per day to manage expenses efficiently. For mid-range and luxury travelers visiting Barcelona we recommend budgeting anywhere from 150-400 British Pounds per day on your trip.

The major components of these costs are Accommodation (approx) 50% and Food & Soft Beverages (approx) 30%. The remaining includes local transport, entertainment, communication, tips, etc. A decent hotel double room would cost approx GBP 150, lunch and dinner for two approx GBP 80, and a day of local travel and sights approx GBP 35 .

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